• Rex0150

    Hey, this my first monthly blog and I'm here to discuss something going on with our favorite American muscle car, the Mustang.

    Ford recently came out with the 2018 Mustang just a couple days ago. I was browsing Youtube one evening and a video by a person I subscribed to, Streetspeed717, came up. I watched the video and I saw the car. At first I did like the design until the guy started talking shit about the car. I started to agree with him about the Mustang's new look.

    • They are keeping the 5.0 Liter V8
    • Shelby GT-350 stays the same in appearance.
    • Don't know if Shelby will bring the GT500 back. Probably not.

    • WTF is with those headlamps and the hood? Looks like Ford went and made this front end look like the biggest piece of shit ever.
    • Interior is…

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